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About me

Immense love and care for your Paw Buddies!

Hey there! I am Anubhav Tyagi, the owner of this website. I’m an animal lover and I love helping the needy animals out there.
I strongly believe that if we call ourselves the smartest being on the planet Earth, then why let that smartness go in vain? What is the use of being the smartest being if we can’t even help an animal in need?

Among all the animals, I love Dogs the most. My love for dogs grew even stronger after I adopted a female Hybrid German Shepherd back in 2015. She was abandoned by her owner when she was just 1 month and her only fault was that she wasn’t a pure breed dog. Now, she is doing great. She’s such an adorable and loving pet.
Being a Dog person, I realized that there are a lot of problems regarding Dog’s behavior, health, diet, medication and much more that we dog owners face while raising our Paw Buddies. 

Those problems of mine and some other dog owners made me start this informational Blog to guide all the dog owners in taking proper care of their fur babies with all the knowledge that I share. I help those kind souls receive the immense love and care which they actually deserve.
Now, I love sharing my knowledge through my Blogs.

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Anubhav Tyagi
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