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About Pawsfurever

Immense love and care for your Paw Buddies!

Pawsfurever is basically a blogging website run by Anubhav Tyagi and team Pawsfurever. As all of our team members are Dog lovers and dog owners, we know about what kind of general problems
do exist in the dog world that every dog owner usually faces in raising their Paw Buddies.

Some issues are sometimes so crucial that they mess up the idea of having a dog. This is precisely
the space where Pawsfurever works.

This is an unerring platform for people seeking premium content with tips, suggestions and detailed information regarding dog’s behavior, basic needs, health, general medication and much more. We are here to solve all of your queries and issues.

We also spread awareness about animal protection laws and the steps to be taken in case of any animal abuse.

We are not here to market any brand or breed at all. We believe that we should not be selective in terms of breed. We even recommend people to prefer adopting a dog over buying one.

Not just this, we decided to play our part in doing at least something for the animal world by starting a campaign where feeding the strays and providing necessary aid to those in need is the core motive.

We help the strays with our efforts and also with the help(donations) sent to us by some kind souls.

“Be the voice of the voiceless!”

Kindly go through our work and review us for our efforts. For any queries or your kind suggestions, feel free to Contact Us.


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